Buy GoPro Hero3+: Black Edition


  • 20% smaller and 33% sharper images compared to previous models
  • 30% longer battery life
  • Increased WiFi speed and wide-angle lens mode



You have come to the right place if you are looking to buy the GoPro Hero3+ camera.

GoPro Hero3+ Features

gopro hero3 features

The GoPro cameras are known in general to be the easiest and most versatile to use; designed with extreme sports in mind. There’s a reason why a lot of drones you can buy come equipped with one of these cameras already.
gopro2 The GoPro Hero3 built in WiFi allows you to control your camera settings, video speed and to stream live video directly to your smartphone or tablet running iOS or Android. Please note that Windows phone are currently not supported.
It also features as 12MP camera, 1080p video and ultra high performance audio so nothing gets missed. It is small & lightweight and can store up to 64GB of data, on MicroSD cards.

The improved ultra wide angle lens on this GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition model means you can capture more scenes than ever before.

The 20% decrease in size makes it the smallest GoPro as of yet, also making it easier to carry and mount.

goproblack4Featuring a new way of adjusting for low light settings – the intelligent GoPro automatically changes the frame rate depending on the lighting conditions. This means it is ideal in situations such as sunsets or sunrises or for any night time diving, snorkeling or drone flying.


If you are interested to buy the GoPro Hero3+, this YouTube Review Video might also help. To check out the Amazon page for the product and read further reviews, click HERE.


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