Testimonial From A Happy Customer

Robin who recently purchased a DJI Phantom Vision 2+ was kind enough to offer his review of the service we offer here at Drones Den. We not only offer drones for sale, but also a number of drone reviews, tutorials and videos.


Here is what he had to say:

I just wanted to say a big thank you to DronesDen.com for helping me buy a brand new DJI Phantom drone for myself. I went for the Phantom Vision 2+ which was an excellent choice. I had absolutely no quadcopter flying experience before, but the drone was easy to fly and the customer support on Drones Den was top notch. They helped me out when I couldn’t decide which drone would suit me and they have some great tutorials too. So, if you’re in the market looking to buy a new drone with camera, I recommend you check out dronesden.com!

We hope you are able to take advantage of the low prices on the DJI Phantom Vision 2+ at the moment, currently at $999 (50% off) compared to last year. Other top deals on drones for sale includes the DJI Inspire 1 and the Parrot Bebop drone, which combines top performance with amazing portability. This is basically the drone that you can take with you anywhere and is easy to fit in a backpack.