TBS Gemini – The Racing Drone

Team Black Sheep, best known for their drone videos across the world, are releasing the first ever racing drone of its kind, the TBS Gemini drone.

UPDATE Mar 2015: The TBS Gemini is for sale HERE – buy this racing drone now before they run out of stock! It comes with 2 different shells, replacement propellers and a 1,700mAh battery.

And how fast can it go? Well, watch the video below and see for yourself.

The drone will be available for sale at end of August for deliveries by end of September and according to TBS, will cost just under $600 without the receiver, for a ready to fly package.

Another video of the TBS gemini drone in action:

The drone itself is equipped with forward tilting motors and an aerodynamic casing, making it ideal for any aerial racing. You will also have the possibility of adding a Mobius or a GoPro to the drone to add the capability of HD filming and high definition photos.