Drone Footage Shows Great White Shark Swimming Under Surfers

shark underneath a group of surfers in san onofre california beach

Something that you don’t see everyday… At San Onofre Beach in California, known for its sun-drenched sands, idyllic waves and vibrant surfing culture, an unexpected visitor is making waves, both literally and metaphorically. A huge great white shark just lurking underneath a group of surfers…

10 Modern and Surprising Uses for Drones

The last post we wrote on this, seven years ago back in 2014 on 50 things you can do with a drone turned out to be one of the most popular posts on here. The drone industry has come a long way from back then, so I wanted to give it a more modern spin. … Read more

Why Are Mini Drones Becoming Increasingly Popular?

mini drone in hand

In recent years, mini drones have definitely become more popular than they were when we first started Drones Den. They have gained significant popularity among both hobbyists and professionals. In this article I am going to explore the various factors that have contributed to this surge in interest, focusing on their affordability, portability, and ease … Read more

The Top 5 Drones for Fun in 2022

Drones are becoming more and more popular each year, and the technology involved with them is rapidly advancing. With the new year quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about which drone might be best for you. If you’re looking for a drone that will provide a fun experience without breaking the bank, then look … Read more

Why the DJI Mavic Pro is the best drone for you right now

dji mavic pro

The DJI Mavic Pro, released earlier this year came with a unique selling point which trumped all the other drones released so far. What was that unique selling point? Its silent mode of operation! Although drones have become more and more popular in recent years, even the super expensive ones such as the DJI Inspire Pro … Read more

Rules on Flying Drones in The UK

drone flying rules uk photo

Drone flying in the UK is in the news again today as a drone caused disruption at London Gatwick airport. The runway was closed on two occasions for 5 and 9 minutes each time, as a small drone was sighted nearing a British Airways plane that on its second approach had to be diverted to … Read more

Top drones for sale this Christmas

autel-x-star-1 drone

So you want to buy a camera drone for Christmas this year? Whether you are planning it as a gift for yourself or a family member, it’s definitely going to put a smile on your face! You are in fact in lucky as Christmas this year is the best time ever to buy a drone. … Read more

2016 Cyber Monday and Black Friday Drone Deals

black friday drone deals

Black Friday is once again debuting with a wide range of Cyber Monday and Black Friday drone deals available from both the official DJI website and Amazon. The drones for sale deals have already started on Thu 24th Nov, just one day before Black Friday so you can start ordering your favourite drone. Here are the … Read more