X PlusOne – Your 100kph Camera Drone

A new company called Xcraft has created what seems to be a revolutionary new drone that combines stability with speed and the ability to take photos. You can either use a micro camera, or your own GoPro.

The X PlusOne can not only achieve great stability, but will also fly faster than you thought possible of a small object. From the test flight video which you can see on their website or below, it appears to be flying even faster than the TBS gemini racing drone.

With any drone flying this fast, you have to ensure safety and security. Although they have had some problems with orientation during testing, they have now fixed it by adding an auto-recovery switch.

At the press of a switch on the transmitter, the X Craft will auto-hover to allow the user the time to re-orientate himself. It currently offers flight times of 10-15 minutes.

They are currently aiming to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter and they are almost half way there. You can make your pledge and receive one of their gifts such as a laser cut model for $25, a DIY X PlusOne drone for $199 (which comes together with their patented frame, but you will need to add your own camera, power system and battery).

For slightly more ($679+), you can choose a RTF model, either for your GoPro camera or get the Micro DV Camera also supplied by them.

The drone can go as fast as 60mph / 100kph

The team has really focused on making a stable and speedy drone.


To read more details and support their Kickstarter campaign click here.