The Hubsan X4 Drone


  • 4 ways flip, 6-axis control system for increased stability
  • Light airframe & Crashproof
  • LED night lights
  • 5 star reviews on Amazon – check below


This little Hubsan X4 drone is one of the best sellers on Amazon and its size makes it ideal for use anywhere. It only measures 4.6 x 2.3 x 1.3 inches and weight about 14 ounces. It consists of a rugged outer body which is both lightweight and hardened to prevent it from damaging from light crashes.

The drone is ready to fly out of the box and comes equipped with a battery controlled 2.4GHz radio controlled transmitter which controls a 6-axis gyroscope on the drone itself.

Flight time: Up to 10 minutes with the stock battery

Endless hours of fun, the Hubsan X4 can make quick turns, mid-air flips and has increased responsiveness for any amateur fliers. This quadcopter also comes with increased stability, accelerometer and sophisticated electronics. Should you let go of the controls, the Hubsan X4 will stabilise itself and carry on flying mid-air; no more crashes when you run out of battery or get out of range. Perfect drone to buy if you are an amateur, light flier or for a birthday or Christmas present.


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