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  • Most professional customer drone
  • Shoot 4K Video
  • Auto video focus and positioning system
  • Optional dual operator control
  • Fully upgradeable and modable
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Amazon now has DJI Inspire drones for sale, available for 2-3 day delivery. This is DJI’s latest and most advanced customer drone and if you want to buy the DJI 1 inspire drone, it will set you back not less than $2,899. No discounts available yet, but we are expecting the price to come down by the end of 2015. This product is a DJI Inspire 1 for sale, but there are also various drone bundles available.

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You can use two controllers with the DJI Inspire 1 to control the drone and the camera separately

It comes with some amazing features such as its ability to film 4K videos with its revolutionary camera. The only problem you’ll have here is finding a screen good enough to enjoy the full splendor of the 4k video. It also has an optional dual operator controller feature, which may come in hand if there are two of you and you can’t decide on the right angle. Simply let your friend take control of this DJI Inspire 1 drone and you’re set.

Furthermore, you two can also be in charge of different features. One of you can be the drone pilot, and the other in charge of the camera, simply connect to the same drone via the DJI app.

The operator also has the ability to use telemetry and make use of the drone’s GPS locator to see exactly where the drone is located, in case you lose it. There is also FPV HD video streaming from the drone to your controller via the DJI app.

The following is an illustration of what you will be able to see live from the drone straight to your iOS or Android app, whether you use an iPhone or iPad.

dji inspire 1 app screenshot

The Inspire 1’s vision positioning system makes flying indoors better than ever. The drone will use its camera and sensors to automatically lower its legs and land even when GPS signal is lost, thus preventing it from crashing.

If you are interested to buy the DJI Inspire 1, then Amazon is currently your best bet.


  1. JJ 1981

    Very satisfied. It does come with a hefty price tag but is totally worth it. Much more stable and easier to fly than any other drones, including the other DJI Phantoms.

  2. Gonzalez.

    Can’t rate the Inspire 1 high enough. The image and video quality is really good. I was also surprised at how aerodynamic and stable it is in quite windy conditions. Gonzalez.

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