New drone start up company providing smarter and safer services

Here’s another pretty cool use of drones in industrial settingsOpenSky Drones, a new company starting up in Florida is going to offer its drone services to companies such as architects, engineers and government agencies including fast responders.

Using drones puts no one’s life at risk when conducting risky activities such as propane gas detection or multi story building photography and thermal inspection. Marketwatch reports that they are using a customized octocopter to provide light, medium and heavy lift. If you are an experienced drone pilot and live in the area, they might also be hiring staff.

As we wrote before, drone technology allows companies to offer services such as these, including aerial photography and any number of mapping and survey studies at a fraction of what they would normally have cost before. They are also making it safer and more reliable for everyone involved. We therefore expect an increasing number of new startups to focus on this  new technology involving replacing more antiquated methods.