Marriage Proposal by Drone

Although not the type of news we would cover on this blog, what made this interesting is the fact that a drone was involved. The main actress of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Zhang Ziyi was proposed to by a DJI Phantom 2 vision earlier this week. Whilst this missed the list of our 50 drone uses that we wrote last year, it’s a great example of creativity from the new husband’s part.

If you are interested to try it out, the Phantom 2 drone currently costs $759 and you can buy it from right here on the website. Pulling a stunt like this, whilst risky, is sure to gain you some media attention and might just make it go viral if you pull the right shots. Your best man does however need to be an seasoned flyer otherwise he runs the risk of losing more than just your ring.

The drone delivered the ring at Zhang’s 36th as her pop star boyfriend, Wang Feng, reached into the basket attached to the bottom of the camera to pull out the ring. Although they twitted this post and the Chinese media posted it all over their websites, social media (the original tweet was retweeted more than 100,000 and attracted over 60,000 comments) and newspaper, the true gold is going to be the footage from the drone camera itself!