Introducing Drone Selfies or Dronies

Drones Den has just launched the first drone picture gallery solely made up of drone selfies. You can now upload your drone selfie, also called dronie straight from your smart phone or tablet and share it with the world on our dedicated page. Simply scroll to the bottom of the dronie page, click Browse then upload the picture from your computer.

Make sure to then share your picture on Facebook for your friends to see it.

You no longer need a selfie stick or very long arms to take a good selfie. All you need is either a rc flying drone or even one of those Parrot Jumping Sumo drones that don’t fly but still transmit FPV video back to your smart phone or tablet. You can then either take a picture in the conventional way, or screenshot it and upload it to our page. You never know, if it’s exceptional, it might even get picked up by one of the news channels and it could go viral.

Dronies featured in a recent Time article and on the Daily Mail website, both praising the re-invention of selfies. The Daily Mail call is the new craze compared to normal selfies which are so 2013. Drone selfies, just like any other pictures or videos taken by drones make the best holiday or family pictures. Our take is that drone selfies are really going to take of in 2015 and as always, you can be one step ahead by showing your friends on Facebook and Twitter that you can do more with your drone than spy on your neighbours. Of course, I’m sure none of you actually spy on your neighbours, but that’s often the first thing that comes to mind to the general public who has never flown a drone.

So help populate our dronie page and start taking drone selfies now before they stop being cool. Upload your dronie pictures now!