DJI Phantom for GoPro

All this talk about drones with cameras for sale can be a bit overwhelming. But what if you already have a camera laying around and you just want to buy a drone? Well, then the DJI Phantom for GoPro is the answer! This is also the most preferred drone mount for GoPro owners.

Picture of a DJI Phantom for gopro

This DJI drone that you can buy from Amazon for only $449 is a bargain at this price. Keep in mind that other drones for sale by DJI cost over $500. This drone costs slightly less without ANY compromise on quality. It is quite impressive if you think about all the technology packed in this little flying object. The DJI Phantom FC40 has the same specs as this drone, but you are getting a 720p camera that can film at 30fps for another 50 bucks. Whilst that looks attractive, the DJI Phantom for GoPro is actually better because the attachment for the GoPro is ONLY for the GoPro.

Image of gopro mounted below drone

This means that it is more sturdy and you can film smoother videos, without any shakes. Of course, the rest will depend on your GoPro camera model, how advanced the camera is and how good of a drone flyer you are :).

The GoPro mount is shown in the image on the right. You will have to mount the camera upside down and make sure you then go to the GoPro camera’s settings and select “Invert Image”. This ensures that the video will film the right way up from the outset.

Other cool features of this drone includes the Naza-M autopilot mode. This is a really cool feature that makes your drone return home after you turn your controller off. The caveat here is that you must have GPS enabled and you have to be in an area without any interference. Otherwise, as with a normal sat nav, it becomes pretty useless.