6 Stunning Spots Where You Must Fly Your Drone

Drones are now more affordable than ever. Our latest guide to buying a drone covers the best drone models you can currently buy whatever your interest.

Once you’ve bought your drone, you may now want to take some stunning aerial photos to impress your friends, or maybe you are thinking of selling them as part of your digital photography business. Either way, here are 6 extremely photogenic destinations where you must fly your brand new drone.

As usual, we recommend you to be careful when flying, watch out for people and animals and make sure you are not breaking any local laws!

1) Maui

maui drone photo

Hawaii based photographer Joe West has a collection of aerial photographs on his website. All of Hawaii is renowned for its stunning scenery and what better way to explore it than via a drone.

2) Vietnam and Cambodia

Here is an outstanding video shot professionally in Vietnam and Cambodia by a DJI S900. The video beautifully illustrates the contrast of colour in South East Asia and is a place that should be on your radar for your future travels.

If you have a drone, make sure you check the local laws and whether you are allowed in the country carrying a drone or not. Currently, we believe there are no restrictions to traveling with a drone to Vietnam and Cambodia but the rules can change anytime.

3) The Taj Mahal, India

taj mahal by drone

We all know what The Taj Mahal looks like from ground level, but it can look 10 times better from above. The beautiful marble makes it radiate even more during the golden hours so time your photography well.

4) Iceland

You should definitely take the drone with you to Iceland. And you better start planning your next trip now! The country is home to one of the largest number of stunning waterfalls per square mile. Together with glaciers and the geysers, it makes for one of the most amazing destinations to capture from the air.

5) Seychelles

It is no wonder that Prince William and Kate Middleton chose to go to the Seychelles for their honeymoon. The state contains 115 islands, of which only a small number are inhabited and is one of the most remote places you can go to. Pack your drone with you and you won’t regret it. Read our 10 drone photography tips to quickly improve your drone photographs by simply following a few tips.

6) South America

Not a country, but we came across this amazing video filmed by Adam Humphrey and we said we must include it in our list. The video is a collection of drone shots taken through Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.

Don’t miss out on some awesome shots next time you go to South America. He used a DJI Phantom 2 Vision with a GoPro 3 Hero+ Black, but imagine how even more amazing this would look in 4K filmed with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.

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